Soul Jazz would be one of my favorite reissue labels of all time even if they had stopped putting out records after their first New York Noise compilation of vintage NYC postpunk, which was not-so-secretly as influential on early-aughts underground club culture as any Williamsburg dance-punk band of the time. Recently they put out Acid: Mysterons Invade the Jackin’ Zone, a fantastic two-disc survey of Chicago acid house and experimental house. It comes packaged with a comic book and postcards honoring important people and places in Chicago house history like Ron Hardy and Gramaphone Records, making it one of the only releases this year that I’d actually recommend buying on CD.

Last week I got an advance copy of the label’s upcoming comp Country Soul Sisters Vol. 2, which as you can probably guess is their second collection of country music by female artists who dipped into the 60s and 70s zone where country and soul music overlapped. (See also: last year’s Country Funk: 1969-1975 comp on Light in the Attic.) The songs—from performers like Wanda Jackson, Dolly Parton, and Linda Ronstadt, as well as some lesser-known names—alternate between torchy and breezy, and should sound great as the accompaniment to summertime back-porch beer-drinking sessions. It doesn’t come out until June 25, but you can get a feel for it now with the opening track, “The Little Town Square,” by Jeannie C. Riley, who’s best known for singing “Harper Valley P.T.A.” Stream it after the jump.