A friend en route to SXSW with the GZA just IM’d me to tell me the Genius will be performing with the Black Lips at the Dickies Upstart “battle of the bands” party Friday at 5:30 PM at someplace called the Compound, which is at 1300 E. 4th. (Full disclosure: the same friend also set this party up.) It’s apparently not going to be just the Black Lips backing GZA up on his own songs–the plan calls for him to pick up the mike on some Black Lips material too.

I realize that at first this may seem like the goofiest pairing ever, but please remember that “The Drop I Hold,” from the Black Lips’ new 200 Million Thousand, is basically the guys trying as hard as they can to sound like Enter the Wu-Tang.

This is the first thing I’ve heard from Austin that has made me wish I was down there, but on the other hand it’s midnight and I’m having no problem keeping food down, which means I have a less painful day ahead of me tomorrow than most of the people who went. Some would call that a win. Also I’ve been told that the Black Lips and the GZA are taking the collaboration to the studio, so at least I’ll have that.