On the morning of Election Day, there seemed to be little doubt which image would appear on the cover of the issue that we’d send to press Wednesday before dawn.

Piggybacking on Cubs fever, illustrator Johnny Sampson depicted a victorious Hillary Clinton being hoisted on the shoulders of a racially diverse baseball team as she unfurled a W flag. The Democratic nominee seemed like a sure thing—she started the day as the favorite with a 70 percent chance of winning, according to FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver, who’s perhaps the most prominent of the many data analysts who’ve had to eat crow in the days since Trump’s upset.

But as the night dragged on, the polls closed in waves, and the map of the United States turned red, we put the contingency plan for the cover into action: Sampson’s second version of the illustration subbed in a smug-looking Trump being carried off the field by a giddy bunch of white guys. In the background stands Hillary, crestfallen in a blue pantsuit, beside the Cubs’ cursed billy goat.

Credit: Johnny Sampson