• Chris Pine and Denzel Washington in Unstoppable

There are several special revival screenings around town this weekend, all of them offering great conversation topics for postmovie walks in the September breeze. Tonight in Hyde Park, South Side Projections and Poetry magazine present Seeing the Light, a program of three experimental classics inspired by poetry (I described the lineup at greater length yesterday), while in Lakeview, the Music Box hosts a midnight screening of the still-provocative Bone (1972) with writer-director Larry Cohen (who also made the provocative It’s Alive and God Told Me To) scheduled to attend. Tomorrow at noon the Music Box will present King Vidor’s silent classic The Crowd (1928), which gains immeasurably from a big-screen presentation. And, in the week’s most poignant repertory program, Northwest Chicago Film Society pays tribute to the late Tony Scott by screening his last completed film, Unstoppable, at Cinema Borealis on Sunday at 7 and 9:15 PM.