U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings on All Things Considered (my transcription, starting at 2:00 in the audio segment):

“When you try to make a decision about where your child should attend college, it’s very hard to find out, is it a better deal to get out of my state college in six years or to send my child to a far more expensive private school and get out in four? What are her prospects for employment after she graduates? What kind of average starting salary might she expect? You know, you can find lots of information on Greek life and dorm food and climbing walls and that sort of thing, but it’s really hard to figure out how well will your child be educated . . .”

Ahem. God help her children if they should happen to learn anything or change in any way during their college years. Why, their predicted starting salary might decline!

(FYI, Spellings’s official biography says she graduated from the University of Houston. Caveat emptor.)