When Andy Rivera of the Publican challenged Trenchermen‘s Rachel Rodeghiero to create a cocktail with pork stock, she didn’t want to just use the liquid in a drink. Instead, she and pastry chef Sierra Smith made pork ice cream. Using a quart of pork stock didn’t impart quite enough piggy flavor, so they tried another batch with the addition of pork jus.

The result? “It kind of tastes like pork gravy,” Rodeghiero says. “You’re going to pick up on the pork . . . which is actually kind of fun.” She made a float with peach soda—”my favorite soda in the whole wide world”—rhubarb bitters for tartness, allspice dram, and bourbon. Bourbon and peach both pair well with pork, she says.

“A lot of times ice cream is affiliated with just being sweet,” Rodeghiero says, but she likes her savory version. “You get savory from the pork, sweet from the soda, and a little bit of spice from the allspice dram.”

  • Elly Tier

Who’s next:

Rodeghiero has challenged Justin Arnett of Bar Takito to create a cocktail with royal jelly—a honeybee secretion sometimes consumed as a diet supplement.

The Durazno
2 scoops pork-stock ice cream
2 oz Benchmark bourbon
.25 oz allspice dram
2 shakes rhubarb bitters
peach soda
Scoop ice cream into a glass; add bourbon, allspice dram, and bitters, and stir gently. Top with peach soda.