Because we’re in Chicago, I don’t imagine I need to recap the story of Revolution Brewing for you. They’ve been making their TV Party Rye IPA at the brewpub for a couple years, and all the while the style has been growing in popularity—it’s even been mainstreamed by the ubiquitously distributed Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye. I’ve already reviewed one example, in fact—Three Floyds’ Rye da Tiger double rye IPA. Bottles of TV Party first arrived in stores a couple weeks ago.

“Our rye IPA is clean and refreshing,” says Revolution, “brewed with two-row malt and flaked rye for toasty, nutty undertones up front, but with a huge hop flavor and aroma from the Amarillo and Fuggle hops.”

I presume I’ll be able to evaluate all of that, but I should apologize to Revolution now in case my palate is rubbish—I’ve been fighting a sore throat and a nagging cough for a spell. I wanted to stick to this column’s weekly schedule, though, so I decided against putting off my next review till I was well. This time of year, you never know when that’s going to be!