At the bowling alley on Monday I ask my old buddy, Bobby, who he plans to vote for to fill Rahm Emanuel’s vacancy in the Fifth Congressional District.

Pat O’Connor,” he says.

This catches me by surprise. Bobby’s almost rabid in his opposition to Mayor Daley. He calls the mayor a “tyrant” and constantly urges me to write articles about how Daley’s fines, fees, and taxes are making people broke. Yet O’Connor is Daley’s City Council floor leader.

“Why would you vote for O’Connor?” I ask.

“I hate Fritchey’s crowd,” he says, referring to aldermen Richard Mell, William Banks, and Patrick Levar, who have endorsed state rep John Fritchey.

“Fair enough–but why not Sara Feigenholtz?” 

He waves his hand in disgust.

“How about Mike Quigley?”

“Ah, that shrimp.”

So he’s not voting for him because he’s short? 

I told him I could understand why you would vote for O’Connor if you like Daley. But Bobby hates Daley. So what gives?

Bobby smiles at me like the answer is easy. “To get him out of the city council.”

I’m not sure I follow his logic. It’s not like Daley won’t come up with another floor leader if O’Connor wins the congressional election. And I can’t see how the mayor would ever pick a replacement who wouldn’t do exactly what he wants.

I start to say something and then I stop. After awhile there’s just no point in trying to understand logic of Chicago voters.