• Neatorama

If you have a propensity for getting lost, and don’t like drawing attention to that fact by pulling out a map every time you get lost, then Neatorama’s L Mighty Wallet might be just for you. Priced under $20, it features the CTA map for the downtown/Loop area and is made out of heavy-duty, water-resistant Tyvek that offers notepad capabilities. So, say you’re Rahm Emanuel and you’re trying to hit all the subway stops downtown as part of your “Shake My Fucking Hand Because I’m Your Next Mayor” campaign: using the grease pencil that your friendly neighborhood fishmonger gave to you, you can mark on your wallet each subway stop that you hit, always know exactly where you are (as long as you stay within the Loop), and not look like a tourist (because you aren’t a tourist—you live here, no matter what anyone says).

Also makes a good Valentine’s Day present for the cartographer in your life.