Daft Punk’s set at Lollapalooza on Friday night accounts for 90 percent of my reason for going to the fest at all. (The other 10 percent is a running contest with my friends to see who can get the worst heatstroke.) If you feel sort of the same way, you should hit up the Hideout tonight. There’s a screening of the duo’s silent film, Electroma, at 8 PM followed by a bunch of DJs and a Daft Punk cover set by locals May or May Not.

If you want to keep the party going after Daft Punk’s set on Friday, there will be a bunch of Ed Banger dudes and Throne of Blood—the Rapture playing records with James Fucking Friedman—doing it up at Sonotheque the Green Dolphin. It promises to be bonkers on an extreme level. Expect the per-square-foot population density to be on the same level as the festival itself. If you show up early you’ll have a better chance of getting in, and you can catch DJ Funk‘s set. Work it!