• Abel Ferrara starred in Driller Killer under the pseudonym Jimmy Laine.

This Saturday Doc Films will revive The Driller Killer (1979), a low-budget horror film that marked an early breakthrough for director Abel Ferrara. The event arrives just as Ferrara’s latest, 4:44 Last Day on Earth, comes out on DVD (having not been screened at all in Chicago, unfortunately); and the two films are worth seeing in tandem, as they represent two ends of the director’s creative evolution. Driller Killer is a crude, sometimes abhorrent work that revels in the sort of beyond-the-pale milieu that would become Ferrara’s stock-in-trade (he’s sometimes been called the Keith Richards of American filmmaking, and if you’ve ever heard an interview with him, you know why). On the other hand, 4:44 is a plaintive, regretful piece. It is the first narrative feature that Ferrara’s made since kicking drugs and alcohol, and though it’s ostensibly an end-of-the-world movie, the director’s said that it’s also his statement about sobriety.