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  • AP Photo/Charlie Riedel
  • Congressman Todd Akin to a higher power: “What do you mean women aren’t superhuman?”

It’s no small relief that the end of this campaign season means we get to say goodbye—at least temporarily—to the sometimes phony, sometimes offensive courtship of that most coveted voting block: women.

The minds of women were puzzled over throughout this election cycle, even by other women (“there’s little consensus on which issues and priorities we collectively care about”). But really, women are not that mysterious.

So . . . what should we take away from the past six months of politicians trying to pin us down and pollsters trying to read our minds? For starters, many of us could have used a break from the inane discussion about whether the issue of abortion really matters as we choose our next president. Of course it does. It’s just that few people seem to understand why.