Absolutely Not Credit: Courtesy the artist

Local punk outfits Absolutely Not and Rat Hammer have a brand-new split LP out on Berserk Records, and to help welcome this document of fury into the world, we’re debuting a brand-new split music video between the two for today’s 12 O’Clock Track. Created by the team of Jeff Perlman, Jeremy Dop, and Ryan Gleeson, this video kicks off in a dank basement, with Absolutely Not blasting through “Queen,” a relentless, hyperactive tear of noisy punk, before the camera travels upstairs to the sweaty house party where Rat Hammer is pounding out the barely-a-minute “Rip Off,” a Black Flag-indebted skate-punk blast of aggression. Check out the dizzying three minutes of chaos below—it’ll be the most fun you have today, at least while you’re at work.

Absolutely Not / Rat Hammer – Split Music Video from the flowershop on Vimeo.