If you’ve attended any of the previous six Baconfests, you might be forgiven for viewing it as a wanton orgy of shameless gluttony. Even if the idea of a fat-slicked horde gorging on bacon while Rome is burning is something you revel in, you might take some small pride in the fact that over four years Baconfest has donated almost $220,000 and a little over 14,000 pounds of food to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

“People may jump to the wrong conclusion about the possibility of virtue coming from a event dedicated so single-mindedly to vice,” says Baconfest cofounder and Friend of the Food Chain Seth Zurer. “But we’ve always worked to harness the power of bacon for good instead of evil.”

So don’t feel so bad.

This weekend there’s another opportunity to contribute to to the cause—and win a pair of two $200 VIP tickets to BF’s initial Friday dinner session on April 17. Just go here to register for a volunteer repack session at the food depository. What’s that? It’s when you put on a hair net and help break down the depository’s massive bulk donations into smaller distributable sizes.*

*For some reason the GCFD requires volunteers to cover their tattoos and remove facial piercings in the warehouse.