Emma Couling and Gaby Labotka protest conditions at Profiles Theatre by handing out copies of the Reader. Credit: Christopher Piatt

Last night, after reading this week’s Reader cover story about alleged abuses at Profiles Theatre, Gaby Labotka, a Chicago actor and director, decided to go to the theater and hand out copies of the paper to passersby. By 1:30 PM, a rotating group of six or seven people, some affiliated with the Not in Our House advocacy group, stood on the four corners of Broadway and Buena and under the theater awning distributing newspapers.

Like many Chicago theater professionals, Labotka says she heard rumors about Profiles and warnings to avoid the theater, but nothing specific until yesterday.

Couling in front of the theater’s front door, where someone had already taped a copy of the paper.Credit: Eileen Tull

They weren’t the first to stop by: when they arrived, they discovered that someone had already taped a copy of the paper to the theater’s front door.

The city’s Department of Buildings had also dropped by. Profiles apparently missed a building inspection Wednesday.

A notice from the city building inspectorCredit: Christopher Piatt

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