• Shawn Convey
  • One of the bikers of Wild

Shawn Convey is a Chicago-based photographer currently at work on two documentary films. The first, now in postproduction, is a still-untitled portrait of Kolkata Sanved, a human rights organization in India that uses dance-movement therapy to rehabilitate child victims of human trafficking. The second, which has the working title Wild, depicts a motorcycle club in Herzegovina that’s created a sanctuary for a few hundred wild horses. Convey is still in the process of shooting that project, which he began two-and-a-half years ago; as he explained when I spoke with him last week, he plans to return to the Balkans this spring to complete principal photography. He also talked about the challenges of making documentaries single-handedly, his love of travel, and the moral obligations of depicting victims of tragedy. You can read more about Convey’s projects at his website; our conversation is below.