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  • Moby Dick, condensed for the Web

The “wave of the future” on the Internet likely will include lots of helpful story summaries, one of our Web gurus, Asher Klein, predicted here Friday. Klein usually knows what he’s talking about, unfortunately.

He was writing specifically about TL;DR, a Web expression for “Too long; didn’t read.” “You see it mainly in forums, where a writer will summarize what she says in a long post so new readers don’t need to spend too long to see what they’re saying,” Klein wrote. “It’s a courtesy that acknowledges that a lot of people don’t have time to make it through every little story when there’s so much ground to cover on the Internet.” Or every not-so-little story.

There are a growing number of aggregators capsulizing stories to help us cover all that Internet turf, Klein said. He highlighted one such aggregator, which happens to call itself TL;DR. On its website, TL;DR diagnoses the condition, and offers the treatment: