I can understand the Internet’s fascination with the couple of golden-era David Lee Roth a cappellas that have surfaced this year, but I can’t get on board with the “hurr hurr DLR” spin that a lot of people seem to want to put on them–ever since I read Crazy From the Heat I’ve found myself respecting Diamond Dave more than I ever expected. On the other hand, I am fully, fully into this David Lee Roth Runnin’ With the Devil Soundboard page.

I’m impressed that someone came up with this idea, but I’m even more impressed that they were able to turn Diamond Dave’s shrieks, moans, and assorted inhuman vocal outbursts into actual collections of letters. On its own the application isn’t worth more than a minute or two, but if you dick around with it while you’ve got something playing in iTunes that could benefit from an infusion of DLR, it’s hilarious. Ever since Whet sent me the link I’ve been giving this collection of Trojan Records rocksteady rarities a little boost of California cocaine swagger that it was sorely lacking before.

Bonus: Try double- or triple-clicking on one sound for a completely ludicrous “delay” effect.