I’m sure your friends are asking how this day even came to be possible.  That is, how could you allow your son or daughter go into journalism right now?

So asked Medill’s commencement speaker, Katherine Weymouth, publisher of the Washington Post – Katherine Graham’s impossibly privileged grandchild, a former lawyer and ad director, and never at any point a reporter or editor.

Things Weymouth didn’t say in her speech:

* “Unlike some of her peers at other papers, Weymouth doesn’t disparage online aggregators like Huffington Post, started by Arianna Huffington, or Tina Brown’s The Daily Beast, which recycle Post content without payment. ‘Good for them,’ she says. ‘All’s fair, you know?’” (previous link, emphasis mine)

* “Her idea of paradise, she says, is gunning her stick-shift BMW convertible around Rock Creek Park on a spring afternoon.”

* “One thing [the WaPo staff has] already learned: She has opinions about almost everything. ‘Do you remember the rural-dentist photo, a month ago or whatever?’ she asks the Style staff. ‘There was that elderly woman with, like, no teeth, dying in bed, and he was treating her? That was a good story, and I’m sorry to be so horrible—I’m hoping it was no one in the room who picked the photo—but there were better photos!

“‘I went on the website and—not to do a Sam Zell thing—they have the same dentist with a beautiful old-fashioned truck and, no kidding, a dalmatian on the hood….’

“‘Sam Zell may be a loon with Tourette’s syndrome,’ Weymouth jokes, ‘but he’s not crazy. To some degree, it is puppies and Iraq.'” (Wired, 7/16/08)

Well, anyway, they have an opening at the Post coming right up! Just don’t rock the boat too much.