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Reader’s morning briefing for Thursday, May 19, 2016.

A pleasant spring day
Thursday will be slightly warmer, with a high of 64 and a low of 49. Fortunately, the sun will be out all day. [AccuWeather]

Some aldermen say scrap the TSA
Instead of directing airline passengers to arrive three hours ahead of  flights at O’Hare and Midway airports due to long security lines, a few aldermen (Ed Burke among them) suggested Wednesday that the local airports scrap Transportation Security Administration agents in favor of a private screening company. It’s not as farfetched as it sounds: according to Burke, 21 airports in the U.S. (including San Francisco) have privatized security through a federal “screening partnership program.” [DNAinfo Chicago]

Budget cuts at Chicago Public Schools could be worse than anticipated
Budget cuts could be as high as 30 percent for Chicago Public Schools, which has been instructing principals to “plan for the worst.”  On average, each school faces a 26 percent cut, which could mean “higher class sizes, loss of enrichment activities, and layoffs of teachers and support staff.” [NBC 5 Chicago]

Mark Kirk calls Donald Trump a “river boat gamble”
Senator Mark Kirk has reservations about presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump but still supports him, Kirk told USA Today. Kirk, facing a heated reelection race against U.S. House member Tammy Duckworth, called the controversial real estate magnate a “river boat gamble” but said his own national security expertise would be an asset to a President Trump. [USA Today]

Konkol: Top cop Eddie Johnson should stop spinning “tall tales”
Chicago Police Department superintendent Eddie Johnson has enjoyed a honeymoon period full of praise from cops, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and activists such as Reverend Michael Pfleger. But DNAinfo Chicago columnist Mark Konkol is calling out Johnson on some of his claims, such as that he’s never personally witnessed police misconduct. Says Konkol, “Did he suffer from some rare ‘see-no-evil disease’ that manifested as a crick-in-the-neck that forced him to look the other way when misconduct was nearby? . . . Twenty-seven years on the job is a long time to go without seeing a fellow officer break any department rules.” [DNAinfo Chicago]

Local television series boom continues, with at least ten shows filming
Chicago Fire ushered in a whole new era by making the city a hot spot for filming, and it’s not slowing down. Over the next year there will reportedly be at least ten scripted television shows in town. In addition to NBC’s Chicago franchise (the Dick Wolf shows Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Justice, and Chicago Med) and Fox’s Empire, there will be new series including two more from Fox: The Exorcist, featuring Geena Davis, and A.P.B., about a tech billionaire who privatizes a Chicago police precinct. (Time Out Chicago]