Alec Klein Credit: Northwestern University

Six months after a group of ten women first came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct, bullying, and harassment against Alec Klein, the Northwestern University journalism professor has resigned.

In a statement released Friday afternoon, a university spokesman confirmed Klein’s departure and wrote that Klein will no longer “be present on Northwestern’s campus or attend any University events.”

In February, a group of women calling themselves “Medill Me Too” released an open letter accusing Klein of sexually inappropriate behavior and bullying spanning years. Klein denied the accusations but took a leave of absence from his position as a director of the Medill Justice Project at the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications. The following month, 19 more women accused Klein of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior.

Following the February revelations, the university—which had cleared Klein of wrongdoing in a prior investigation—launched a new inquiry. At least 22 complainants came forward to Northwestern’s Title IX office, according to several sources familiar with the latest investigation. After concluding its inquiry in June, the university released confidential findings to each of the complainants. Several of them told the Reader that Northwestern found that Klein had violated the university’s sexual harassment policy and the “policy on civility and mutual respect,” which covers bullying.

The university issued an official apology on July 10. “Northwestern University apologizes to our current and former students and former employees for the experiences that they went through,” wrote spokesman Alan Cubbage, adding that the institution “is committed to fostering an environment in which all members of our community are safe, secure and free from sexual misconduct of any form.”

Neither Klein nor his attorney, Andrew T. Miltenberg, could be reached for comment Friday afternoon, while members of “Medill Me Too” were not yet prepared to comment on Klein’s departure. The Daily Northwestern reports that Klein confirmed his voluntary resignation to the school’s paper via text message.