• Retrieval

As reported in this week’s Gossip Wolf, local synth guy Alex Barnett is about to release his new LP, Retrieval, a collaboration with Faith Coloccia (who also plays in Mamiffer with Aaron Turner from Isis), and is readying its release tonight with a set at Empty Bottle, opening up for proggy duo Zombi. Barnett spent years playing in the eerie, droney band Oakeater alongside Seth Sher and Jeremiah Fisher before he started performing and releasing material on his own. His solo work is quite a departure from the bad vibes of Oakeater, taking more of a Tangerine Dream route and focusing on bright, pretty synth oscillations rather than horror-movie creepiness. On Retrieval, however, Barnett proves that he still shines when he’s getting dark—on what I’ve heard from the record, he and Coloccia create a bleak, glacially paced soundcape that channels the feel of his Oakeater music. You can hear a sample track from the LP after the jump.

The LP is officially available on Mon 12/2 via Blackest Black Ever. Barnett’s solo set is first up tonight. Barnett is one of this town’s more engaging solo artists, so his live sets are always highly recommended.