So, this week’s paper features our annual Alfresco outdoor dining guide, which actually went to the printer last week. After we put the rest of the June 15 issue to bed, I dragged myself to Feed for some postdeadline comfort food, only to discover that . . . it has an outdoor patio. Argh. I felt a little better when they told me it had only been open for two weeks.

It’s not easy to notice: to get in, you have to go around the corner from the main door on Chicago, past the Continental (which also now has outdoor seating), and duck into a garage on California. Once you’re in, though, it’s a little slice of west-side heaven–Leo’s reincarnated–with Freakwater on the stereo, strings of lights overhead, and a goldfish pond in a whiskey barrel. Plus, the backyard offers table service–something you can’t get inside.

Feed’s patio’s open from 5 to 10 PM, Wed-Sat, and will soon also be open for Saturday and Sunday brunch, which is starting back up again sometime soon.