Steve Rhodes writes: “I thought my building was going to collapse, and I was just thinking, ‘Save my laptop.'” I’ll do you one better: the End Times crossed my mind (I kind of had a thing about the Book of Revelations as a kid and it hasn’t exactly gone away). Next, and only slightly more sensible: New Madrid! The big one! (I also had a thing about natural disasters as a kid, so that historical event is buried down in my lizard brain.)

(It’s not like the USGS is going to help us, by the way: “It is difficult to determine if a known fault is still active and could slip and cause an earthquake. As in most other areas east of the Rockies, the best guide to earthquake hazards in the Illinois basin – Ozark dome region is the earthquakes themselves.” Um, thanks, guys.)

One of my cats–by reputation the less intelligent one, although she taught the other cat, and me, to play fetch–was far more collected and sensible than I was; she just sat placidly under the nightstand like it wasn’t even a thing.

Rosie: smarter than she looks