• Paul Boucher
  • It’s up to Chris Sale again in Thursday’s final game of the season between the White Sox and Tigers.

The White Sox face yet another do-or-die game Thursday. And their record thus far hasn’t been very good in such affairs.

After winning Monday’s opener of a four-game series with the Detroit Tigers to seemingly put themselves in the driver’s seat, the Sox blew early leads in the fifth inning both Tuesday and Wednesday and never recovered either night.

That left them but a game ahead of the Tigers before Thursday’s series finale. Afterward, either they’ll be tied or the Sox will be back to two games ahead, where they started the series, but having whittled four games off to the end of the season—and four games off the magic number.

Otherwise, both teams will have the same magic number—20. Because, the way they’re both playing (the Tigers are a slovenly team overall and committed three errors Monday), neither has a shot at the wild card if it fails to win the American League Central Division.