Republican spinner Dan Curry speaks bipartisan truth at Reverse Spin: “If Rod pulls off a victory . . . it will mean Illinois has selected the following two governors: George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich, who both padded their campaign treasury with ill-gotten funds. Rejected along the way were four people who raised far less cash but according to the rules: Glenn Poshard, Paul Vallas, Jim Ryan and Topinka.”

Michael McDonald of the Brookings Institution takes down five myths about voter turnout. He says apathy isn’t on the rise, and negative commercials haven’t caused it. (Hat tip to Rich Miller.)

What makes you think Bush is any better at planning for unpleasant contingencies in Iraq now than he was in 2003?  Billmon at Whiskey Bar notices an ominous parallel from 1942.

“Since announcing his candidacy for the Illinois Senate seat, Obama has raised the astonishing sum of nearly $21 million and has built close relationships with a number of traditional fat-cat donors.” Ken Silverstein of Harper’s magazine responds to the senator’s response to his article (which you’ll have to read on paper). Closer to home, why on earth does Obama embrace the Crown Prince of Cook County, when Boss Daley can’t even stick up for John Kerry? Could it be that was just the easy way out?

Reader, May 26:  “[Hastert challenger John Laesch is] also aware that he can help his fellow candidates win or lose: a serious challenge might limit Hastert’s ability to help Republicans elsewhere.” Tribune, November 4:  “Hastert homes in on his own district. . . . He’s running an ad on cable television, an unusual move for a 20-year incumbent who has won almost every race by a margin of greater than 2-to-1.”

There are so many ways to go off-message, especially if the intended victims of your message can deliver it cheaply. Check out this story from Fort Wayne about a Republican congressman siccing the state attorney general on Republican Party calls made in his cause. Speaking in heavily accented voices, the callers deliver an anti-immigration message. (Hat tip to 13th floor.)