Consider supplementing New Year’s Eve’s mostly uninspiring offerings with these two upcoming benefit concerts for Jackson Presley Diamond, a three-year-old boy who has been severely disabled since shortly after a round of routine vaccinations at 18 months. You may recall that the Reader ran a cover story (pdf) on the possibility that his condition was a rare reaction to the vaccine for whooping cough. Considering his and his family’s horrific bad luck, there is one spot of good fortune in little Jackson’s story: his father is Lee Diamond, drummer for the Douglass Kings and Replica Republic, and his family isn’t hurting for helpful and talented friends.

These two shows, December 29 and 30 at Beat Kitchen and Subterranean, will feature the Vandermark 5, Dianogah, Nad Navillus, the Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet, Telenovela, and many others, as well as both of Mr. Diamond’s own bands (one on each night). Five local poster artists will also be selling limited-edition designs. Proceeds go to Easter Seals, the National Childhood Vaccine Information Center, and Physicians For a National Health Program as well as the Jackson Presley Diamond Fund. Tickets are only $10 for each night or $15 for both nights and can be purchased on line through the club’s Web sites.