Current favorite Chicago Web site: Homicide in Chicago. It’s sort of like but for the years 1870-1930, or Wisconsin Death Trip but open source. Some highlights:

May 31, 1929
Hagberg, Herbert – Age 32 – Patrolman – Deceased, Patrolman John L. Conley, and a citizen, John Chorazek, were shot to death at 2:10 PM, 5/31/29, in passageway of 2431 Thomas St., with a shotgun, by Ferdinand Preuss, who, drink crazed, ran amuck and shot at everyone on sight.

July 19, 1881
Barrick, Thomas, 50 yrs., song and dance man, killed, thrown downstairs during fight in house of prostitution 291 4th Av. Andrew Jackson

February 5, 1889
Sweeny, John, fatally injured, deliberately run over by milk wagon by Edward Christian who was arrested. It occurred at 12th and Jefferson Sts.

April 25, 1891
Pokorney, Joseph, fatally assaulted with sling shot, Clark St. and Arcade Court. Fred Plum arrested and acquitted on ground of self defense.

January 12, 1900
Kasper, Joseph, 40 years old, died in Co. Hosp., from assault with skates Jan. 9 at 1002 W. 18th St., by Frank Chudqinski, 18 yrs., who was arrested and held by Coroner’s Jury Jan. 14. 23d Prect.

September 20, 1900
Bolander, August, 39 years old, died home 1365 W. 22d St. On Sept. 14, while employed at Fraser & Chalmer’s, 12th St. and Washtenaw Av., Cannil Sokhart and Victor Nelson, fellow workmen, inserted a hose pipe attached to a compressed air pipe into Bolander’s rectum and turned on the air. Bolander was immediately taken ill and went home, where he died as stated. Eckhart and Nelson were arrested and the former was held by Coroner’s Jury. 23d Prect. Eckhart “No Bill” by Grand Jury.

January 24, 1880
Beatty, Fonton M., col’d, 33 yrs., fatally shot (died soon after) Harrison St., near Clark, by Charles, Campbell, col’d, a notorious crook, who was drunk and ran against Beatty, causing Campbell’s hat to fall off. He drew a revolver and ordered Beatty to pick up the hat. Beatty complied and as Campbell still pointed the revolver at him, attempted to back away when Campbell shot him in the abdomen. Campbell was arrested.