This tape contains an incredible mix

While I was piecing together label profiles of HoZac, Not Normal, Chocolate Industries, and Peira for my B Side cover feature in the Reader‘s current issue, I got the bright idea to ask each label’s founder for a five-song soundtrack to post online. So when I was asked to curate the Bleader’s Variations on a Theme for this week, it seemed like an even brighter idea to get back in touch with the dozen-plus other label founders who were kind enough to answer my questions (about their labels’ origins, about their motivations, about their favorite releases) and ask them to submit five-song soundtracks. Thus, Soundtrack Week was conceived.

Each morning this week we’ll feature a different label mix for you to enjoy right when you sit down in front of your computer and open the Bleader (because we all know that’s exactly what you do as soon as you get up). Put some headphones on and check out for 20 minutes or so. You deserve it.