Julia Thiel‘s cover story from last week’s issue, a profile of chef Iliana Regan, is ostensibly about someone who parlayed her talent as a forager into increasingly ambitious and profitable endeavors, first an underground restaurant and now a forthcoming fine-dining restaurant. But what makes the story a writer’s dream is how the subject of foraging can be interpreted as having more than one meaning—one definition is “to wander in search of forage or food” and another is “to make a search”—one is very specific, while the other can be read broadly. In this case, “foraging” can be applied to Regan’s search for her career and the emotional journey she took after the death of her sister. For this week’s Variations on a Theme, we’re going to try and do a little bit of both: writing about foraging for food and writing about searches. For what specifically, we’ll see. Tune in all this week for writing about foraging from Reader staff, and perhaps a guest contributor as well.

And in case you’re still not ready (or were unaware that the question was even posed), we’ll ask you again, “Are you ready for some football?!

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