Donald Trump speaking at Liberty University Monday. Credit: AP/Steve Helber

When Donald Trump said “Two Corinthians” during a speech at Liberty University when what he ought to have said was “Second Corinthians,” he made the kind of headlines that lets us know journalists are beginning to suffer from battle fatigue.

“Donald Trump faces questions over ‘Two Corinthians,'” said a Telegraph headline. “Donald Trump flubs Bible verse during speech at Christian university,” headlined Mashable. “Donald Trump Knows The Bible So Well He Misquotes It At Christian University,” said BuzzFeed

“Rivals pounce after new Trump Bible gaffe draws laughs at evangelical college: He says ‘Two Corinthians’ instead of ‘Second Corinthians’,'” said the Daily Mail. “A Good Christian Could Never Vote for Donald Trump, Who Just Pronounced It ‘Two Corinthians’,” reported Jezebel.

I could go on. I won’t. But a word to media: every single day does not need to bring us news of Trump’s latest. Sometimes his latest is too petty to mention. And when it makes headlines anyway, it looks less like news than a fix.