How does this garden grow? Answer: Illegally!

  • How does this garden grow? Answer: Illegally!

In last week’s cover story, Mick Dumke and Ben Joravsky tell a tale about the skunky investigation, arrest, and court case surrounding a local teacher and the grow house he operated on the south side of Chicago. The investigation began when a police sergeant spotted the teacher and an associate uploading equipment into their van, purchased from a store called the Brew and Grow, which sells tools and equipment for home beer making and hydroponic gardening. Well, with a story like this, it was pretty obvious to us what subject we would choose for this week’s Variations on a Theme. Why, botany, of course! After all, we already dedicated a week to the mighty herb which just happened to be sprouting in the grow house.

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And since it’s botany week here on the Bleader, here’s a list of local botanical gardens you can check out this week.