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  • George Carlin: not a football fan, not during baseball season, anyway.

Riddle me this, Chicago pigskin fans: Since 1965, which team has won more championships—the White Sox, the Blackhawks, or the Bears?

Just so.

So why all the love for the Bears and the football season? I’m a sports fan, but most of all I’m a baseball fan.

And it’s baseball season. Football season doesn’t begin until the last out of the World Series.

Still, there’s no denying this is a Bears town. And there’s nothing more aggravating about Chicago—not waiting for CTA buses, not pie crusts stuffed with cheese and called “pizza,” not the nonexistent spring that goes straight from winter to summer, not even “fall-off-the-bone” ribs that have been boiled and slathered with sauce so that they’re indistinguishable from meat-flavored Jell-O.

All the love for the Bears—perhaps the least worthy and certainly the most overblown sports franchise in town—drives me crazy.