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Yesterday afternoon at the River East, an undivulged projection issue delayed the start of Cloud Atlas by almost 20 minutes. It was likely a minor snag; but as Music Box projectionist Doug McLaren told me in August, whenever a DCP projector needs to reestablish its Internet connection, the system takes about a quarter hour to reboot. All this time the projector bulb stayed on, and the screen was filled with an unnecessary wash of digital black, making the canvas—once idolized as the “silver screen”—look like a giant sleeping laptop. In spite of J.R. Jones’s less-than-enthusiastic review, I went into Atlas hoping to be won over by its grand-scale movie magic (Andy and Lana Wachowski have a postproduction facility in Ravenswood!). It was hard to keep the faith, though, when the vehicle for that magic got turned into a dustbin for meaningless pixels.