Santiago Durango and Jeff Pezzati

  • Santiago Durango and Jeff Pezzati

Riot Fest kicks off tomorrow with an evening of punk-rock nostalgia at Double Door. The Busted at Oz reunion trots out most of the bands featured on the early Chicago punk compilation of the same name, recorded on the three final nights of the notorious Uptown club Oz in March 1981. Last week the Effigies canceled because original guitarist Earl Letiecq had to attend to urgent family matters; headliner first, the bill now consists of Naked Raygun, the Subverts, Steve Bjorklund of Strike Under backed by Joe Haggerty (Pegboy, Effigies) on drums and members of Articles of Faith, Silver Abuse, and Toothpaste (who weren’t actually on the comp but did exist around the same time and shared members with groups on it). A band I know nothing about called Rottenfinko & the Convicts opens the night with a 15-minute set. The show is sold out, but a limited number of people with three- and five-day Riot Fest wristbands will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis; doors are at 7:30 PM. All proceeds benefit the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.