Conan O’Brien began his four-night residency at the Chicago Theater last night, and editorial assistant/Tweetmaster Asher Klein and staff writer Kevin Warwick were there to take it all in. In this Gchat, they discuss the merits of Conan’s style, Mayor Emanuel’s guest appearance, and making fun of you, the average Chicagoan.

Asher: Kevin, thank you for joining me tonight for the Early Afternoon With Asher Klein Show! [hold for applause]

Kevin: Wow, that’s how you’re starting this. OK, I’ll take it.

Asher: Hey, this whole endeavor is “Just for Laughs,” amirite? OK, I’ll stop. So. Conan. What was your first impression of the live experience?

Kevin: All in all, I thought it was fun. I mean, I’ve been a Conan fan since I was in undergrad in the early aughts, staying up every night to catch his opening bit and then falling asleep in some abnormal psychology text. So, it was cool to see him live, even though I can’t fathom the ungodly amounts of makeup they cake on his face.

Asher: It’s true, he really is made up. I went in expecting that, and maybe it’s just the baseline pastiness of his skin, but it really looked like the makeup artist was laying it on thick. He’s not at all a bad performer though, and it’s tough, given the longish commercial breaks where he and Andy have to stand around looking awkward while the band plays. Even with all the makeup.