May we suggest a Malbec with your rage? Credit: Flickr / Angelo Amboldi

Here’s the deal between you and that Donald Trump crowd: you don’t like them and they don’t like you. Come November, one or the other is moving to Canada.

But until that happens, wet your whistle. The Nation has just made you a very sweet offer:

“Are you looking for that perfect Malbec to pair with Donald Trump’s xenophobic and misogynistic rally speeches?” The Nation Wine Club is asking. “Perhaps a complex Cabernet over which to discuss Bernie’s case for democratic socialism? Maybe a simple Riesling to balance the rage you feel while watching the news. . . “

You can get started with four “world-class” wines for $30, and after that new bottles arrive monthly for $69.98. And such bottles they are! These wines are “handpicked for Nation readers—they may be organic or sustainable, from a winery that employs unionized or cooperative workers, produced in an environmentally friendly fashion, or originate in a developing nation.”

Regard Trump with disdain while sipping a bottle of Malbec made from sustainable grapes picked by unionized workers from third world nations chosen for the progressive ideas their leaders give lip service to. And to balance that frisson of rage you feel as Donald Trump steamrollers to the Republican nomination by sneering everything you stand for, may we also suggest some cheeses?