• What’s behind that crag?

This Sunday the Northwest Chicago Film Society will screen Peter Weir’s Australian classic Picnic at Hanging Rock at Cinema Borealis (1550 N. Milwaukee, third fourth floor) at 6 and 8:30 PM. The revival comes as a breath of fresh air amid all the gruesome horror movies being revived on the week of Halloween, as Weir’s movie derives its terror from what it doesn’t show rather than what it does. It concerns the disappearance of three teenage girls and their teacher following the titular event, a mystery that remains unsolved to the very end. The movie plays on the deepest and most universal human fear—that of the unknown—and its lack of resolution makes it one of the few horror films that actually gets scarier the more you thinking about it.

In his Great Movies review, Roger Ebert wrote that Hanging Rock “is a movie that creates a specific place in your mind; free of plot, lacking any final explanation, it exists as an experience.” His astute essay, which explores the film’s theme of repressive sexuality, is well worth reading after seeing the film.