One of my all-time favorite things about dancehall producers, deejays, selectors, and listeners is that they don’t consider any type of music to be off-limits to dancehall. If you want to loop a Bollywood sample and have a dude sing a bastardized take of “99 Luftbaloons” over it, that’s fine. You might even get a smash hit out of it. The new Assassin mix tape hosted at the Fader blog includes, as poster Peter Macia notes, “every good beat from the last few months,” which means it bounces around between the type of syncopated stuff that you might associate with dancehall riddims to jacks of Jay-Z songs to rave-worthy house music to harder-to-pin-down stuff that sounds like about a dozen samplers flipping out at the same time. The mix, courtesy of DJs Waxfiend and Genie, is surprisingly seamless considering the range it covers. Even more impressive is that Assassin never fails to kill it no matter what he’s toasting over.