I used to hate Brian Eno for a number of reasons—his pretentiousness, his association with Bryan Ferry—but what provoked my wrath more than anything else was his overproduced, sterile, and amazingly unfunky take on funk. But if I really, honestly hate a musician I’ll often become obsessed with him and start going out of my way to listen to his music, specifically to pick apart my disgust for it. Once I reach this stage, I usually end up pulling a 180 and falling in love with the artist. It’s sort of like hate-fucking someone but then ending up married to them. Aside from Steely Dan, Aqua, and a number of shitty emo bands, I’ve done this with Eno. Perversely I now adore his “funky” material. So I’ve been really digging DJ Food’s mix “More Volts: The Funky Brian Eno.” If you can hear the phrase “the funky Brian Eno” without throwing up in your mouth and DJ Food’s promise of “a whole lot of slap bass” doesn’t fill you with despair, you might enjoy it as well.

Oh, and the above photo of Brian Eno hanging out in a cozy sweater with a cat is one of my favorite things ever.