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Yesterday I posted the first part of my conversation with John Corigliano, who will be in town next week to attend four different performances of his music. The most elaborate performance comes on Tuesday night at the Harris Theater, when the Fulcrum Point New Music Project will play Corigliano’s score to Ken Russell’s Altered States (1980) alongside the film. In the first part of the interview, I spoke to Corigliano about his experience of writing that score. In the second, we get into how it relates to some of the concert pieces he wrote around the same time and his observations on the life of a film composer.

Ben Sachs: Could we talk a bit more about your clarinet concerto? That piece premiered a few years before Altered States came out.

John Corigliano: In 1977, yes. And I wrote the score for Altered States in 1979.

Was it the last thing you wrote before the movie or was there something in between?

Oh boy! You’re asking somebody with no memory. [laughs] It could have been, but it’s hard for me to say.