At a cybercafe in Toulouse where I’ve spent some idle time after a three-day conference on director’s cuts at the Toulouse Cinematheque ended, I’ve had a chance to check out Cinefile, a new Web site devoted to alternative film events and resources in Chicago that cofounder Darnell Witt recently e-mailed me about. “Our goal,” he wrote, “is to supplement resources like the Reader, connecting Chicago cinephiles to venues and screenings with limited exposure.” I like their graphics–the image you see here is borrowed from one of their own (borrowed) images. It’s a still from Kyle Canterbury’s exciting video work, screening Saturday night at Chicago Filmmakers; Cinefile offers links to my Critic’s Choice on Canterbury, plus commentary and more frame enlargements posted on Reader critic Fred Camper’s Web site.

As for the conference, I found it pretty interesting, but also fairly taxing for someone who can read French a lot more easily than speak it or understand it spoken. (I read my own paper in French yesterday, but somebody else had to translate it.)