“We should be in assisted living, not doing this,” Jon Langford joked before the second encore of last night’s Mekons show at Lincoln Hall. Touring behind their new record, Ancient & Modern, the group had done an acoustic show at Evanston’s SPACE on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, electrified, they rocked out.

When I saw the Mekons at the Old Town School four years ago, Tom Greenhalgh was so shitfaced he forgot the lyrics to “Chivalry,” the great song that gives Fear and Whiskey its title. I was wary—he hadn’t played a Chicago show since then. (“Where have you been all these years?” Langford asked, and when Greenhalgh replied, “On my farm,” Langford cracked, “Growing medical heroin?”) But he was sharp, even doing leg kicks, and rather natty in red pants and a red bow tie.