“Creative Loafing’s death spiral: More newspapers, less news” — sundaypaper.com, November 28.

“The Newspaper Death Spiral is accelerating: Classified Ads Down 31% Q3” — inquisitr.com, November 29.

“Newspaper Death Spiral Continues – Ads Down 18% Y/Y” — seekingalpha.com, November 28.

But it’s not just us …But it’s not just us…

“This war has no clear definition of victory, unless victory means the death or capture of every terrorist on earth—an impossibility. It is a frightening death spiral.” — “Confronting the Terrorist Within,” by Chris Hedges, truthdig.com, December 1.

“… the GOP might be locked into a death spiral, on course to becoming a permanent minority.” — Daily Eastern News, December 1.

“The reason? A higher-than-expected loss of state aid because of open enrollment transfers to other districts. In other words, the beginning of the death spiral predicted months ago.” — Zanesville Times Recorder, November 30.

“The reason D’Antoni banished him is that his teammates told the new coach they didn’t want to play with him and that he was a central force in the death spiral the Knicks have been in for years.” —  Ken Berger, CBS Sports Community, December 1.

“Thanks to the crisis in credit and the death spiral of Detroit, it will now take an act of Congress to bail out the automotive industry’s Big Three….” — Peter Costa, GateHouse News Service, December 1.

“Two stocks that have been in a death spiral for months ‘coughed up’ some pretty horrific news recently, but their share prices actually went up.” — Jeffrey Saut, raymondjames.com, December 1.

“… with only 12M in the kitty RXI seems headed for dilution and a death spiral even before they get their first clinical trial going.” — The Motley Fool, December 1.

“‘No ratings. bad reviews. yet still – a thrill 4 me,’ O’Donnell wrote on her blog with customary text-messaging economy, as NBC’s grimly fascinating death spiral continues with increasing velocity.” — metronews.ca, December 1.

“Boxer said the scientific imperative to act on climate change was growing by the day. ‘Temperature increases, global emissions and loss of ice at the Arctic and Antarctic have now overshot scientists’ worst case scenarios. The Arctic icecap has entered what’s been called a “death spiral”. There is no time to waste.'” — scoop.co.nz, December 1. 

“The imbalances created by this growing demand and dwindling supply has created opportunities for those who have both the courage and the funds to take advantage of this death spiral.” — Mike Hoy, news.goldseek.com, December 1.  

My prediction for tomorrow — fresh hysteria.