The mayor must really love his independent-promoter ordinance, because even though it proved itself to be an extremely ill-conceived and unpopular piece of legislation when it was tabled in May, it’s back. Time Out Chicago is reporting that the Chicago Music Commission has the newly revised ordinance up (PDF link) and an updated FAQ to go along with it.

I’ve taken a quick look through the ordinance, and it’s still the same bad idea it’s always been. Parts of it have been toned down in what seems to be a nod to the many people who have complained about its bad idea-ness, but it’s still bad. It’s still not going to offer more protection for audiences than existing laws already do, and it’s still going to do nothing to weed out irresponsible promoters and venues–in short, it still looks like a way for the mayor to say he did something to prevent another E2 while collecting some quick cash.

Last time word around fast about how terrible these proposed rules would be for grassroots arts communities of all kinds, not just the independent music scene, and enough people made enough noise to stop the ordinance at least temporarily. Getting it killed–maybe for real this time–will take even more people making even more noise. You can start by figuring out who your alderman is here or here.