Quoting from a press release I got today:

Once up on a time in Dinosaurland, there were Dinosaur kids, who had a Dinosaur band / And they played music, and it wasn’t jazz, or rock. It was Dinosaur hip-hop, and it couldn’t be stopped!

On April 1, Baby Loves Music will release the first ever album of prehistoric hip-hop with ‘Baby Loves Hip Hop’. Following the adventures of five paleolithic pals as they gear up for the big school talent show, ‘Baby Loves Hip Hop’ is an thrilling blend of music, rhymes, poetry, storytelling, and beatboxing.

I’m not bummed out that Prince Paul, under the name DJ Stegosaurus, produced this kiddie record by the so-called Dino-5–even when he makes beats for babies, I’m sure they’re still really good. And as far as I’m concerned Chali 2na can’t do himself any harm by pretending to be a T. Rex that says shit like “When you see me, you gotta think twice / I may be big and scary, but I’m really pretty nice!” because I never liked him or the Jurassic 5 in the first place. My main problem with the PR for Baby Loves Hip Hop is that it claims this album is the first release ever by a bunch of rapping dinosaurs.

True, a quick Google search for “rapping dinosaur” mostly turns up rap about dinosaurs, and I’ll admit I might not be thinking of an actual album but instead of my friend Tim’s prank where he convinces people that Jurassic Park III had a rapping dinosaur in it. Seriously, though, am I supposed to believe that in 25 years or so no one else has put out a record by rapping dinosaurs? Either someone has their facts wrong or I’m gonna have to reevaluate the faith I’ve placed in novelty rap.