Trust me — the last thing I want to do is wade in the muck of 49th Ward politics. ‘Cause, lord knows, you’re all a bunch of lunatics up there.

But, gulp, here I am . . .

I posted yesterday about Don Gordon taking a surprisingly strong stand against construction on Park District property, and that prompted alderman Joe Moore to give me a ring.

“Looks like you’re endorsing Don Gordon,” he told me.

Well, not really — just saying I like what he said at the meeting and wished he had said it when he was running for office against you last year.

“Anyone who knows Don Gordon will tell you that in that election his main criticism of me was that I was too critical of the mayor,” said Moore. “He was very critical of me in supporting the living wage.”

Well, as long as I have you on the phone, how about the latest rumor I’m hearing from your opponents: as soon as Barack Obama’s elected president — if, of course, he is elected — you’ll step down to take a job in his administration and handpick Jim Ginderske as your replacement. 

Moore laughed and said: “Yeah, I’m kind of gunning for attorney general. Give me a break. That shows you how delusional and out to lunch they are. They’re not going to get rid of me that easy . . . “

The funny thing is that, given Mayor Daley’s attitude toward council independents, he probably wouldn’t fill Moore’s vacancy with anyone Moore recommended. Back in 1990, when former alderman David Orr became county clerk, Daley selected Bob Clarke over Moore, Orr’s preference for the vacancy.

One year later Moore defeated Clarke in the regularly scheduled aldermanic election and the rest, as they say, is history.

The irony of ironies is that Gordon probably stands a better chance of getting Daley’s nod than Ginderske or anyone else Moore might recommend — or at least he did until he started sounding off against one of the mayor’s pet causes.

My advise to Ginderske, Gordon, or anyone else who wants to become alderman is to suck up to Mayor Daley, praise his vision, and, most important, endorse the Olympics, no matter how much parkland it paves over. That’s still the best bet to get ahead in this town.