This month Ghetto Gourmet, an underground dining venture that started small two years ago in the Bay Area but is now staging regular guerrilla meals in LA, NYC, and elsewhere, makes its Chicago debut. Off-the-radar eating has been bubbling under for a while–I remember hearing about a series of secret brunches offered up … last year?… as part of Version … or Select or one of those anarcho-media freakouts? And if you listen to some people, they’re already yesterday’s news. Maybe they are: the organizational chops evidenced by the GG impresarios, who appear to be quite busy “growing” their “brand,” are impressive. If you’re on Daily Candy, do you count as underground anymore?

If you’re interested–and, unlike me, won’t be off dying a slow death at O’Hare the weekend of 12/22-23–go here, stat. Space is limited.

ETA: You blinked! Both dinners now sold out.