• John Athayde

Though it’s not every day that untamed large animals roam the streets of an American city, that happens to be the fate that befell Zanesville, Ohio, yesterday, when the owner of a local preserve liberated his exotic charges. The released animals, according to the New York Times, included lions, wolves, bears, and “at least one tiger.” One of the lions killed one of the monkeys; an unidentified animal was hit by a car; but that bloodshed would pale in comparison to the measures taken by the local authorities in the name of protecting the human populace. They killed at least 25 of the estimated 48 to 51 animals on the loose.

Ryan Chew reported in the Reader a few years ago on animal invasions that can sometimes take subtler forms. “Like many immigrant groups, canids began moving into Chicago quietly,” began an article that found coyotes and foxes increasing their numbers—and their confidence levels—within city limits: