This was impressive/horrifying enough to get my attention:

“Hallmark Channel Adds Array of Digital Platforms to Enhance 450+ Hours of Holiday Programming”

Actually, it’s probably unfair to lump this in with WLIT. I can’t imagine that many people are involuntarily exposed to basic cable Xmas oversaturation. WLIT, on the other hand, is the bane of service-industry employees everywhere, sort of the Verdun of the War on Christmas. I know it’s no fun if you shop, but if you’ve never been exposed to 24/7 Christmas music for hours at a stretch – and you have to reach deep into the bottom of the barrel to get that much Christmas music, especially if you’re unwilling to play anything not recorded between 1940 and 1990 or that doesn’t have saccharine vocals* – you really have no idea. I suspect WLIT is creating more Satanists than Scandinavian death metal bands could dream to.

* Acceptable alternatives: John Fahey’s The New Possibility; Bach’s Christmas Oratorio.